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Would you like to put years of training and hard work into an industry where you could double your current income? 

Our mission is to help medical professionals across Ireland achieve many of the things they are missing in their current job roles. If you want to work in an environment where you are properly rewarded for your skills, efforts and knowledge, we believe the Medical Aesthetics industry is the best opportunity for any nurse, midwife, dentist, pharmacist and other medical professional in Ireland.

There are many reasons to consider a career in aesthetics:

Are you tired of long weekend shifts and unpredictable working hours? Gain a better work/life balance and move your career to aesthetics. Aestheticians often have more flexible hours than other medical professionals suitable for those who want to spend more time with their families. Additionally, if you build up your own client base and decide to pursue your own business, you can schedule clients at times that are convenient for you.

Expanding on your existing knowledge and skills in aesthetics and harnessing pioneering techniques will aid you to move to a career in the private sector that could double your current salary. Our cutting-edge Masterclasses will teach techniques in facial contouring and transformation that will allow you to take your existing clinical skills to the next level.

Our Masterclasses will give you the skills and knowledge to perform full facial transformations and become an aesthetic expert. These pioneering skills and techniques give you the capability and competency to confidently open your open aesthetic practice and work independently in the private sector.

As medical professionals, it can be hard to maintain long-term patient relationships in the fast-paced medical sector. However, with aesthetics, you can form lasting long-term relations with a steady flow of loyal patients. Aesthetic treatments can produce outstanding transformative results for your patients however, they don’t last forever. When you learn how to rejuvenate the structure of the face in our Derma Medical Masterclasses your patients will be happy to return for follow-up treatments.

The demand for non-surgical aesthetic treatments is growing relative the cosmetic surgery. The Facial Aesthetics industry grew by over 40% last year so if you have the know-how then aesthetics services can be extremely profitable, the average salary of a Cosmetic Injector in Ireland is €38,600+.

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